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11/17/11 11:54 pm - YAY/FLAIL/SQUEAL

So I'm officially an adult. 


Take that all you people saying I'd never be anything since I dropped out of college! I set a personal record! Right now, with my average over the past 10 weeks, I'm looking at grossing 28,400 for the year. Net would probably be about 24k.

...I am a proper adult with proper money now. I have my own apartment, a fan-fucking-tastic job, and feel like I'm actually...a grown up. Right now my biggest dillema is cleaning out the fridge and doing the dishes, and finding something to wear to the office holiday party. 

Life is amazing right now. 

ANNNND super hot bigwig I work with knows my name! I was going out for a smoke, he was coming in, held the door for me and was all like "Hey, Ianthine, how's it going?" I was kinda amazed he knew my name. Like, we're not that big of an office (we've got about 125 ppl), but it's big enough, and I'm new enough that I didn't think he'd bother to learn my name. 

also, best note in a file ever "prospect called, started going through intake. Prospect was walking down street when a car drove past on fire. Prospect said they were going to call back, after they called 911." (Things, did, eventually get finished, and I got my $2 bonus money)

11/5/11 02:08 am

So I started a nano. No guarantees I will finish it, but I started one. 

And goddamn is it odd writing het again after writing nothing but slash for the past few years. I started as a het writer. Then again, I started in a fandom with little to no potential for slash. Remington Steele, well, there's the canon UST there between Steele and Laura. I suppose there is slash potential between Steele and Murphy (part of me really wants to write a fic where Murphy leaves because he can't handle the will-they-wont-they of Steele and Laura but not because he like Laura but because he's attracted to Steele and it goes against his very being to be attracted to a thief/conman) or Steele and Tony, but I like to pretend Tony and the entire "5th season" doesn't exist. 

I kept it up through Harry Potter (HG/SS for the win, mofos. Snape deserves someone his intellectual equal. There's a reason I fell out of fandom after he got killed off in DH) And someone who's willing to deal with a deeply flawed individual. I mean, she wound up with Ron in canon, deeply flawed people are her specialty. And Crossing Jordan, where I was a diehard Garret/Jordan shipper. I like my may/december romances, all right? (I may have some daddy issues. I like older guys. They're sexier.) 

But then I fell into House. And Jeeves and Wooster. And well, started writing slash primarily. I'd dabbled in it before, but it had never been a serious thing for me until about senior year of high school.And then I just...couldn't stop writing it. 

But my nano is as mainstream as mainstream novels get. It's very John Grisham/Stuart Woods-y, and it may be the first thing I submit to a publisher ever when it's finally done. And the two leads are well, a het UST couple up until 3/4 of the way through when they consumate their relationship after main supporting character gets killed, and emotions are running high. And then go right back to a UST-laden relationship as they try to deny the fact that they fucked. 

Ad it is weird to write a het love scene again. Luckily the MMC is a bit of a prude, and very, very vanilla. 

In other news: it really needs to be december already so I can have healthcare and finally get some fucking meds for my bipolar because it's to the point where it's starting to seriously, negatively, impact my life. I've managed to handle it all right until now unmedicated, but now, its kinda gone off the rails and is causing me issues. But I'm not eligible for benefits until 12/6. :(

And on a lighter note, I discovered Rizzoli and Isles. Damn son, they couldn't make that show more subtexty if they tried. Like, Rizzles is pretty much a canon ship. Even the author of the original books doesn't hate on it, but rather, finds it amusing. 

10/25/11 10:31 pm - 42 L&O Icons

1-8 The awesome Brandon Bird L&O Coloring Book9-42 L&O Vanilla
9-42 Vanilla


Read more...Collapse )

Rules: Feel free to use as bases, scribble on them, burn them in effigy whatevs.
Credit's nice, and so are comments

10/25/11 09:41 pm - Fic - Bad Livers and Broken Hearts

I really need to stop drinking when writing, as I start with one idea and then go off on a completely different direction. This...kinda stayed on topic, in that it involves Jack, Eliot, and Tom Waits, But it also took on a life of it's own...eh, oh well. 

Title: Bad Livers and Broken Hearts
Fandom: Law and Order (Vanilla/SVU)
Pairing: Gen-ish. Nothing overt.
Word Count: 1777. 
Warnings: Outside of drinking and Tom Waits, nothing. 
Rating: PG-13. 

Summary: He thinks that in a different world, they could have possibly been friends. They're more similar than he wants to admit. Which is why when his cell phone rings, flashing the name Kathy he gets a sick sort of feeling in the back of his throat. He's wondered why she agreed to dinner with him, and part of him feels like he's betraying someone who understands

Set sometime during Season 8 of SVU.

He had a vague idea of what he was getting intoCollapse )

10/24/11 08:46 pm - Fic - The Privilege of Drunks

So this is something that just sorta...happened. It started as a character study of McCoy and his drinking, and then I started drinking, and then I figured he needed someone to play off of and I remembered Paxton, and this went in a completely different direction from it's original intent, but I kinda like what happened with it. I should be writing more of my Knight Rider fic. Hell, I've got more of my Knight Rider fic written, and I should be posting it...but, uh, this happened instead. 

Title: The Privilege of Drunks
Fandom: Law and Order (Vanilla/SVU)
Pairing: Gen
Characters: Jack McCoy, Sonya Paxton
Words: 2717
Rating: PG-13 for language, 
Warnings: It's about two damned drunks. But outside of a lot of whiskey, nothing bad happens.

Summary: She's somewhat lubricated, and can't help but wonder what the collective noun for attorneys is. He likes her idea of a conviction of lawyers. And even though they're part of the same conviction of lawyers that swore an oath to the bar to uphold the laws of this country, this state, this city, they are bound to another set of laws-the laws of drunks. And there's a certain privilege that comes with sharing a bottle with someone that is more sacred that Attorney/Client privilege-more sacred even than the bonds between a member of the clergy and a confessor. 

Set sometime early season 17 of Vanilla. 

He wakes sometimes, sweating and shaking in the middle of the nightCollapse )

10/23/11 11:33 pm

So, I should be writing more of my knight rider fic that I'm like, halfway through writing. I really should be. 

Instead, I've been watching Law and Order like it's my fucking job (honestly, I think I've watched more L&O of various stripes this week than I have actually worked...)  and started writing a shameless bit of Porn with More Plot Than I Intended crossover between NCIS and L&O just because the thought of McCoy and Gibbs together? That's swoon worthy. Part of me kinda wants to write another x-over where DiNozzo gets to work with Munch, in awe of this legend of the b-more police. 

I also just dropped $150 on tix for King Lear. Because Sam Waterston is that fucking awesome. 

The sad thing about watching L&O reruns, however, was the discovery that Michael Moriarty went absolutely bonkers sometime during his last season on the show, got fired, and is now living the life of someone one missed dose of Risperdal short of being the inspiration of an SVU episode himself. Like, got fired for threatening to sue Janet Reno crazy. Like, currently writes crazy "moderate" (read: right wing) editorials about how America is a fascist state and wrote a screenplay entitled "Hitler Meets Christ" which he wrote, directed and starred in as Hitler. 

Dude's writing seriously comes across as having all the cans in the six-pack but missing the plastic thingie that holds them together. It's not word salad, doesn't present with any of the clinical bits of psychosis, but has that defnite "there is something wrong with this person" vibe just from what he writes. I work with crazy people on a daily basis (seriously, try having a phone conversation with an unmedicated schizophrenic who's in full word-salad mode while trying to get information from them. You learn how to deal with constant non-sequitors and figure out how to pluck the relevant information out fairly fast. Generally, it's in there somewhere, it's just...not in a logical order, cause their train of thought took a left turn at Albuquerque and they didn't) and they are more sane than Michael Moriarty. Most of the time, they're at least aware that they have a problem. (Which honestly surprised me-there's this stereotype of people who are mentally ill being unaware of it, but nearly everyone I deal with knows they have a problem, it's just for whatever reason they chose not to medicate/treat)  Michael Moriarty, however, things saying things like

"Following the 2008 Olympics, Communist China will take the gloves off. Mirroring the 1936 Berlin Olympiad, the veil of friendly appearances will drop and Japan will be invaded and conquered by Chinese and North Korean forces.

Avoiding World War III may very well necessitate an all-out Second American Civil War. Marxism has infested and infected every organ in the American body politic. It is preposterous to think that the ungodly trinity of Marx, Engels and Lenin could even approach the depth and glory of the Judeo-Christian triumph.

With the patience of Job and the miraculous faith and courage of a young David, The Realists will investigate, reflect, prophesy and surgically expose, with pinpoint accuracy, the inevitability of Marxism’s self-destruction.

For the biblically-inclined, I believe we are in the middle of Revelations. The Beast (Marx) will hold sway, reveal the megadeath nature of the Marxist religion, and leave such a record of holocausts that Marxism will forever be remembered as man’s last and most diabolical attempt to play God" 

And thinks that it's perfectly sane and rational. Sure, it makes sense in a purely...literate sense. It has a definite point, is structured, and can be undrstood...but the point it's trying to make is a little out there. 

Then again, this is from a man who moved to canada in "political exile" and then considered running for the US presidency.

10/8/11 07:31 pm

I feel bad, I haven't been to the gym yesterday or today. 

Apparently I'm still hot enough to be propositioned by some random guy outside of the motel I checked into for the night, though. My fault, I guess for wandering around the room naked with the curtains open. Maybe once I finish pigging out on McD's I might reconsider. I am rather drunk...and I haven't gotten laid in like, a month since my bf has been working such crazy hours I don't even know if we're still together cause I haven't heard from him in a month. Its a shame, he was a really great guy. Fed my addictions like crazy, but a good guy. 

NJ/PA, why you gotta rain so much?

10/5/11 11:16 pm - Oh fuck lifts

So I really really hate starting back up with lifting after not doing it for 9 months.

They're so fucking pathetic to where they were.

Gymrat stuffCollapse )Now, time to settle down and write some Knight Rider fic. Hard to write the rest of Tempting Fate though, considering that the whole plot of that is paralyzing Michael, and I'm all like "yay, exercise!"  It's either that or write the AU of an AU of an AU. Sorta. I mean, I took the premise of Chasing Midnight of turning Kitt into a human (only in mine he's actually a legit human, not an android. Well, a human that had an IDE port plugged into the back of their neck. (I find it amusing that KITT is a giant IDE drive. And yes, I was that much of a geek that i paused Soul Survivor to verify that it was, in fact, an IDE cable coming out of his CPU)  But I get to where I want to insert a sex scene and I just...it's like the characters stop, turn to me from the page and go "Not happening." 

Or finish what has to be the weirdest smut I've ever written. Pretty much Michael winds up blue balled, Kitt gets jealous when driving through Nevada Mikey decides that if paying for things relieves the issue of being blue balled multiple times over the past few weeks than he'll pay for it, and instead Kitt decides to talk him through things so to speak. 

...this fandom is consistantly making me question my sanity, and I love it. 

10/4/11 02:49 pm - Hitting the gym

So, I figured I might as well use this for something more than just porn and fic and icons and stuff.

I've gone back to being a gym rat. Largely because my office subsizides a gym membership to what has to be the nicest gym i've ever been in ever. (They have a SALTWATER POOL. I am in heaven), and have thus started the workout routine again, seeing as it's been almost a year since I last hit the gym.

Back to the 5x5, and damn, my lifts are utterly pathetic these days.

Deads are hovering around 110, squats about 75, bench about 55, mil press has done the best at maintaing at 30, and rows have dropped considerably to 60. And my squat form went to shit. I could feel myself favoring my left leg the whole time, and every time I'd force myself down onto the right my knees would stop tracking over my toes. I think it's cause I fucked up my heel, but still, it's not that bad.

I haven't stepped on a scale in ages, but my size 8's are starting to get tight around the waist again, which i guess means its time to start working out again, and if I had to guess id say im still around 170-ish. It's funny, I've been the same weight since freshman year of college. However, I started college a size 16 and am now a size 8. Go figure.

I also started eating clean again. I spent three hours in the kitchen, and have lunch+dinner for the rest of the week. Lots of chicken, but i got 4# of chicken for $7. I love eating healthy, it's so much cheaper, seriously. My grocery bill today?

3.67# of chicken for $7.39
1# of brown rice for $1.39
1 large (have to dig it out of the fridge for actual weight) chuck steak for $4.30
1 large organic onion at $1.59/#
12 eggs for $1.69
8oz of mushrooms for $1.99
Razors for like $4.50

24.79 after tax, I have 12 meals. A little bit over $2/meal, same price as taco bell and twice as healthy. Every day's chicken and rice, but hey, it beats $4/meal if I grabbed fast food, if not more.

My goal is to go to Vegas for my 23rd, and be able to wear a bikini at the hard rock hotel pool and feel like I belong.

10/1/11 09:35 pm - Im drunk

And this is one of those ideas that needs to be preserved for posterity because I know full well how terrible it is.

Knight Rider


Mpreg. "He's got your complexion".

That is all i have for it, for i know it is a terrible idea that will never go anywhere (mpreg is one of my big squicks) and yet, i find the idea of it being a prompt hilarious. I'd almost request it on the nearly-dead kink meme if it wasn't quite so WTF.

In the meantime, have some of the awesome music I promised you a while ago:

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